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There are two major categories of adapters: one combines pairs of standard vacuum flanges and the other combines standard fittings with flanges. All Hybrid Adapters, except the  KF to Swagelok or VCR adapters, include at least one non-metal seal and are therefore limited to high vacuum applications.

CF/ISO Nipple Adaptor
CF/KF Nipple Adaptor
ISO/KF Nipple Adaptor
KF/KF Conical Reducer
ISO/KF Conical Reducer
ISO/ISO Nipple Adaptor
CF(CR) Nipple Adaptor
KF Rubber Hose Adaptor
KF-Swagelok Adaptor
KF Quick Disconnect Adaptor
KF-VCR Male Adaptor
KF-VCR Female Adaptor
KF Female Pipe Adaptor
KF Male Pipe Adaptor

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