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Butt weld/ISO-KF/ CF UHV Fittings including reducer, elbow, tee, cross, full nipple
Butt weld Conical Reducer
Butt weld 90deg Elbow
Butt weld 90deg Elbow with Tangent
Butt weld 45deg Elbow
Butt weld 45deg Elbow with Tangent
Butt weld Tee
But weld 4-way Cross
Butt weld Reducing Tee
Butt weld Reducing 4-way Cross
KF 90 deg Elbow
KF 90 deg Tee
KF 4-WAY Cross
KF Reducing Tee
ISO 90 deg Elbow
ISO 90 deg Tee
ISO 4-WAY Cross
ISO Full Nipple
CF Full Nipple
CF 90 deg Elbow
CF Tee
CF Full Nipple

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